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EOQ Quality Leader Award

A Quality Leader is a Leader in an organization having succeeded in moving the organization to success ...

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EOQ Charter (Vision and Mission)

EOQ Vision

Europe’s leading promoter of Quality by extending its sphere of influence through entire Europe and beyond

EOQ Mission

Improve European society through the promotion of Quality in its broadest sense.

This will be achieved by: 

    • Facilitated networking especially by

    Developing and providing an information and communication network for EOQ members to facilitate the transfer of knowledge

    Disseminating leading edge concepts and techniques

    Cooperating with relevant organizations, governments inside and outside of Europe

    Fostering the processes of global integration in the field of quality 

    • Supporting EOQ members

    EOQ has to transform itself into the new business and organisational model.

    The revenue stream should mainly be achieved by sharing good NRs practises under the leadership of EOQ and applying for funding for Quality and competitiveness.

    Programs like mentorship, marketing packages, product portfolio, exchange of experts, trainings and education, can be implemented. 

    • Strengthening the reputation of EOQ

    Strengthen the EOQ brand

    Increase marketing activities

    Support a high level prestige of EOQ recognized professionals

    Support the local recognition and reputation of EOQ members

    Acquisition of strong and active new members/partners

    Influencing of and active participation in quality infrastructure related standardization activities 

    • Developing EOQ product portfolio and value proposition

    Implementing My EOQ model with increased number of products, e.g. recognized by EOQ, troubleshooting kits, activities, awards (eg. EQL and George Borel), events  (eg. EOQ Congress and European Quality Week), continuous improvement model, kits for improving creativity and innovation in a field of Quality, etc.

    Plan and execute new EOQ projects 

    • Supporting management/quality professionals by:

    Developing EOQ normative documents internationally recognized

    EOQ recognition of competence

    Registration of certified professionals

    Organizing training and other activities for supporting careers