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A Quality Leader is a Leader in an organization having succeeded in moving the organization to success ...

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EOQ Competence Specifications and Certification Schemes

The EOQ Personnel Registration Schemes provide as licensed material a sound basis for the qualification of quality personnel but also for personnel in other fields like environment and safety. In order to contribute to further improvement of personnel in Europe the EOQ Executive Board now decided to establish competence requirements as normative, publicly available documents. First such document, EOQ CoS 9000 “Requirements for Quality Management Personnel”  has been approved by the EOQ General Assembly in Dubrovnik/Croatia in May 2009, followed by “Requirements for Environmental Management Personnel” approved in Izmir/Turkey in October 2010, by “Requirements for Occupational Health and Safety Management Personnel” approved in Budapest/Hungary in June 2011 and by “Requirements for Risk Managers” approved in Chisinau/Moldova in December 2012.

New versions of CoS and CS 9000 have been approved in Frankfurt on June 13th 2012 by the EOQ General Assembly, adapted to the market needs and in line with current relevant standards.

Following valid EOQ Competence Specifications (CoS) and related EOQ Certification Schemes (CS) are available:

New draft version of EOQ CoS 50000 - Energy Management Personnel

A draft for EOQ CoS “Energy Management Personnel” has been developed by the EOQ Technical Working Group and is now available for public comment until March 26, 2014.