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EOQ Membership/Partnership

EOQ is a network of organizations from countries of Europe and outside of Europe, linking hundreds of thousands of companies and experts in the field of Quality in its broadest sense. EOQ is helping its members to prepare individuals and companies to be successful in the 21st century.
The success of EOQ relies on its members. They are the operators of the organisation. EOQ Membership is granted only by application which is assessed against clear criteria by the EOQ Executive Board.

The effective member (National Representative) organizations have one official representative in the EOQ General Assembly (GA) and meet formally twice a year to discuss the follow up of the projects and to exchange their experiences. The president and the executive officers, the EOQ Executive Board, are elected from the GA members and their task is to manage the organization on a daily basis, fully supported by the Director General and the EOQ secretariat. The Executive Board meets as often as the interests of the association require it and at least three times a year.

Besides these regular meetings are performed different groups activities, on a variety of topics allowing exchange of experience in different countries on specific subjects such as information technology, human resources, education and training, elaboration of EOQ normative documents etc. These groups manage their own projects.

Categories of EOQ Members/Partners 

1. EOQ National Representative Organizations (effective members)

The EOQ National Representatives (NRs) are organizations established in European countries (including the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea) and are country leading non profit organization in the quality field. In each country EOQ has one National Representative Organization.

EOQ National Representative Organizations

2. EOQ Associated Member Organizations

The EOQ Associated Members are organizations established in European countries, including the countries in the Mediterranean region. They are non-profit organisations as defined by National laws and have to be approved by the EOQ Executive Board.

EOQ Associated Member Organizations

3. EOQ Affiliated Member Organizations

EOQ affiliated members are organizations which are developing and supporting the mission, strategy and targets of the EOQ. They may be inside and outside of Europe and are willing to have direct links with EOQ. They are profit or non profit organizations dedicated to a country. 

EOQ Affiliated Member Organizations

4. EOQ Individual Networking Partner Members (INPM)

The EOQ individual membership is offered to all interested persons (world-wide).
For countries where an EOQ National Representative is appointed, an EOQ NR organization’s membership is a prerequisite to become an EOQ INPM. If there is no individual membership in the EOQ NR organization, the advice should be requested from the respective NR organization.

Individual Networking Partner Members

5. EOQ Honorary members

EOQ Honorary Members are people who have made an exceptional contribution to the EOQ in the field of quality. The status of honorary member is subject to a proposal of the president or of an official representative of an EOQ National Representative organization and to the approval of the General Assembly.

EOQ Honorary Members

6. EOQ Partners

EOQ shares with other organizations the common interest of serving organizations they represent in their transformation to higher quality performance.  Given a high degree of mutual respect, they wish to seize the opportunity to develop a synergistic partnership.  The aim of this partnership is to increase each of organizations effectiveness and together, make a positive impact, greater than our individual efforts alone.

Partners are organizations (profit and non profit) willing to co-operate with EOQ in the diffusion of the Quality movement in Europe. Their contribution could be from different types of resources (financial, expertises, participation to projects, etc.)

EOQ Partners and World Partners

All details about EOQ Membership/Partnership conditions and procedure may be found here.

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