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A Quality Leader is a Leader in an organization having succeeded in moving the organization to success ...

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EOQ is a network of European countries linking hundreds of thousands of companies and experts in the field of Quality (in its broadest sense) together through its member organisations.
EOQ provides a permanent observatory of existing and emerging best practices through its activities, involving its member organizations and their national members and experts.

Arguments to become an EOQ member/partner:

  • Belonging to the main and most important European organization dealing with quality matters, in its broadest sense, being a member of the European Quality community
  • Being up-to-date with the quality movement, environmental protection, occupational health & safety, innovation and transformation, sustainability and corporate social responsibility in Europe
  • Having the “up to dated” information related to the development of standardization and trends in the field (EOQ is strongly involved in ISO technical committees, is a member of the World Alliance for Quality, has agreements and understandings (MoU) with international organizations like International accreditation forum-IAF, European Accreditation - EA, International Personnel Certification Association - IPC, European Committee for Standardization - CEN, etc.)
  • Sharing experience with the main European Quality organizations in the field – learning about successful experiences of the other member organizations, ideas related to new products which could be launched on its own market
  • Participating in common projects at European level
  • The opportunity to be the only one on the national market to offer an European recognized certificate (if becomes a PRU Agent)
  • Learning about training subjects and contents, examination and certification procedures, etc.