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EOQ Quality Leader Award

A Quality Leader is a Leader in an organization having succeeded in moving the organization to success ...

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EOQ Quality Congresses

2018 - 62nd EOQ Quality Congress in Paris/France

EOQ and its National Representative organization from France http://naturalnumbers.org/analysis/small-essay-on-my-father-2728.html ,  go here AFQP, have organized the  go here 62 iium thesis guide nd EOQ Quality Congress in  https://www.cs.odu.edu/~yaohang/cgi-bin/?pen=essay-school-uniforms-7745 Paris professional resume writing service perth , France on June 21-22, 2018 under the  follow link motto “ college writing essay Feel the new Quality way!

2017 - 61st EOQ Quality Congress in Bled/Slovenia

EOQ and its National Representative organization from Slovenia assignment problem algorithm ,  http://miketnelson.com/programs/online-letter-writing-service-7129/49/ SZKO, have organized the  source site 61 baron ka adab essay examples st EOQ Quality Congress in  project case study Bled http://marshallunitedway.com/12122-the-case-of-stan-essay-writer/ , Slovenia on October 11-12, 2017 under the  http://naturalnumbers.org/analysis/pay-for-a-research-paper-5133.html motto “ https://www.cs.odu.edu/~yaohang/cgi-bin/?pen=short-essay-examples-about-life-10662 Success in the Digital Era - Quality as a Key Driver"

2016 - 60th EOQ Quality Congress in Helsinki/Finland

EOQ and its National Representative organization from Finland http://mdmasons.org/philanthropy/operations-management-assignment-help/15/ ,  macrs depreciation homework help FQA, have organized the  http://magazine.lynchburg.edu/article/write-essays-for-money-uk/81/ 60 click here th EOQ Quality Congress in  corruption long essay Helsinki http://miketnelson.com/programs/sample-introduction-in-thesis-defense-484/49/ , Finland on June 1-2, 2016 under the  get link motto “ go Quality enables Growth and Competitiveness https://www.cs.odu.edu/~yaohang/cgi-bin/?pen=swimming-essay-4858 ".

2015 - 59th EOQ Quality Congress in Athens/Greece

EOQ and its National Representative organization from writing conclusions for essays Greece, enter HMA, have organized the follow 59th EOQ Quality Congress in go site Athens, Greece on June 11-12, 2015 under the click motto “Is Quality a Philosophy or is it a Mindset?".

2014 - 58th EOQ Quality Congress in Gothenburg, Sweden

EOQ and its National Representative organization from enter site Sweden, source SFK, have organized the follow 58th EOQ Quality Congress in essay writing tips india Gothenburg, Sweden on June 11-12, 2014 under the learning styles essay motto “Managing Challenges in Quality Leadership".

2013 - 57th EOQ Quality Congress in Tallinn, Estonia

EOQ and its National Representative organization from need someone to write my essay Estonia, go EAQ, have organized the problem solving techniques in management 57th EOQ Quality Congress in http://marshallunitedway.com/4975-essay-about-mansoura-city-egypt/ Tallinn, Estonia on June 18-19, 2013 under the motto “Quality Renaissance - Co-creating a Viable Future".

2012 - 56th EOQ Quality Congress in Frankfurt, Germany

EOQ and its National Representative organization from Germany, DGQ, have organized the 56th EOQ Quality Congress in Frankfurt, Germany in June 14-15, 2012 under the motto "Made for Quality - Made for success".

Photo Gallery for 56th EOQ Quality Congress, Frankfurt, June...

2011 - 55th EOQ Quality Congress in Budapest, Hungary

EOQ and its National Representative organization from Hungary, HNC-EOQ, have organized the 55th EOQ Quality Congress in Budapest, Hungary in June 20-22, 2011 under the motto "Navigating Global Quality in a New Era".

Photo Gallery for 55th EOQ Congress, Budapest June 2011

2010 - 54th EOQ Quality Congress in Izmir, Turkey

EOQ and TSE (Turkish Standards Organization) have organized the 54th EOQ Quality Congress on 26-27 October 2010 in the beautiful city of Izmir/Turkey.The congress was a successful event having about 540 participants from 60 countries.

The EOQ President, Mr. Viktor Seitschek, closed the congress by saying:
"After hearing the interesting and valuable presentations of the congress and visiting beautiful Izmir and historical Ephesus I am convinced the congress motto “A Heritage for the Future: Quality” was really appropriate: exceptional ancient art and architecture from our ancestors combined with valuable quality ideas for the next generations. 
Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed the EOQ congress here in Izmir, where you could learn about fresh perspectives and new approaches and could engage in dynamic networking opportunities.(...) a big thank to the president of TSE and the whole TSE team for the excellent organization of the congress, for the top quality services, for the kindness and warm hospitality."

Photo Gallery for 54th EOQ Congress 26-27 October 2010, Izmir

History of EOQ Quality Congresses and Presidents

2018Paris/France EOQ President Torolf Paulshus/Norway
Feel the New Quality Way! 
2017Bled/Slovenia EOQ President Torolf Paulshus/Norway
Success in the Digital Era - Quality as a Key Driver
2016Helsinki/Finland EOQ President: George Georgiades/Cyprus
Quality enables Growth and Competitiveness


Athens/Greece EOQ President: George Georgiades/Cyprus
Is Quality a Philosophy or is it a Mindset?
2014Gothenburg/Sweden EOQ President: Niyazi Akdas/Turkey
Managing Challenges in Quality Leadership
2013Tallinn/Estonia EOQ President: Niyazi Akdas/Turkey
Quality Renaissance - Co-Creating a Viable Future
2012Frankfurt/Germany EOQ President: Niyazi Akdas/Turkey
Made for Quality - Made for Success
2011Budapest/Hungary EOQ President: Viktor Seitschek/Austria
Navigating Global Quality in a New Era
2010Izmir/Turkey EOQ President: Viktor Seitschek/Austria
A Heritage for the Future: Quality
2009Cavtat/Croatia EOQ President: Viktor Seitschek/Austria
Quality in an Age of Transition
2008Vienna/Austria EOQ President: Yury Gousakov/Russia 
Quality is back - Back to Quality. No Quality. No Business.
2007Prague/Czech Republic EOQ President: Yury Gousakov/Russia 
Competitiveness through Excellence: A challenge for Europe
2006Antwerp/Belgium EOQ President: Wolfgang Kaerkes/Germany 
50th Anniversary: Exploring new roads to transformation
2005Antalya/Turkey EOQ President: Wolfgang Kaerkes/Germany 
Quality: The way to sustainability
2004Moscow/Russia EOQ President: Frank Steer/UK 
Quality and Innovations: the path to higher standards of living
2003The Hague/Neherland EOQ President: Frank Steer/UK 
Social Dimension of organizational Excellence
2002Harrogate/United Kingdom EOQ President: Dell’Anna/IT
New times   New horizons   New business
2001Istanbul/Turkey EOQ President: Dell'Anna/IT
Quality, the bridge to global competition
2000Budapest/Hungary EOQ President: Conlan/IE
Business Excellence in the new Millennium - Quality for Society 
1999Madrid/Spain EOQ President:Conlan/IE 
Quality, the challenge for the XXI century
1998Paris/France EOQ President:Neumayer/AT
Excellence for the world market, Quality for people
1997Trondheim/Norway EOQ President: Neumayer/AT
Quality - a critical factor in the past, present and future
1996Berlin/Germany EOQ President: Andersson/SE
Quality Management - Impetus for Innovations
1995Lausanne/Switzerland EOQ President: Andersson/SE
People for Quality - Quality for People 
1994Lisbon/Potugal EOQ President: Conti/IT
Quality: A new culture for a new Europe
1993Helsinki/Finland EOQ President: Conti/I
Information, Communication, Knowledge & Quality
1992Brussels/Belgium EOQ President:  Fuhr/DE
Quality: The Spirit of Europe
1991Prague/Czech Republic EOQ President: Fuhr/DE 
The Human Factor in Quality Management
1990Dublin/Ireland EOQ President: Goldsmith/UK 
Winning Through Quality
1989Vienna/Austria EOQ President: Goldsmith/UK 
Quality Management – The Key to the Nineties
1988Moscow/Russia EOQ President: Seghezzi/CH 
Quality – Progress – Economy
1987Munich/Germany EOQ President: Seghezzi/CH 
Quality – Challenges and Opportunities
1986Stockholm/Sweden EOQ President: Sütö/H 
Value for Money
1985Estoril/Potugal EOQ President: Sütö/H 
Quality and Development
1984Brighton/United Kingdom EOQ President: Hartz/DK 
Prosperity Through Quality – the Customer’s Right – From Effective Management
1983Madrid/Spain EOQ President: Hartz/DK 
Quality in a World of Limited Resources
1982Amsterdam/Netherland EOQ President: Thoday/UK 
Quality for Future Life
1981Paris/France EOQ President: Thoday/UK 
Quality and Enterprise Strategy
1980Warsaw/Poland EOQ President: Glichev/USSR 
1979Budapest/Hungary EOQ President: Glichev/USSR 
Quality, Economy, Incentives
1978Dresden/Germany EOQ President: Glichev/USSR 
Quality and Rationalization
1977Varna/Bulgaria EOQ President: Cantarelli/I 
Provision of Quality of the Products in the Process of Design, Production and Consumption
1976Copenhagen/Denmark EOQ President: Cantarelli/I 
Quality and Society
1975Venice/Italy EOQ President: Cantarelli/I 
New Frontiers in Quality Control and Reliability of Products and Services
1974Helsinki/Finland EOQ President: Blanco/E 
Human Interest and Aspects in the Field of Quality Assurance
1973Belgrade/Yugoslavia EOQ President: Blanco/E 
Quality and Consumer Satisfaction
1972Oslo/Norway EOQ President: Borel/F 
Quality Automation Industrial Climate
1971Moscow/Russia EOQ President: Borel/F 
Quality Standard – Qualimetry
1970Lausanne/Switzerland EOQ President: Oeseberg/N 
Quality Metrology Data
1969Prague/Czech Republic EOQ President: Oseberg/N 
Education and Training for Quality and Reliability
1968Madrid/Spain EOQ President: Jonson/S 
Efficiency Systems for Quality Control
1967London/United Kingdom EOQ President: Johnson/S 
Practical Realisation of Quality and Reliability
1966Stockholm/Sweden EOQ President: Turello/I 
Quality and Reliability Assurance
1965Rotterdam/Netherlands EOQ President: Turello/I 
Quality and the User
1964Baden-Baden/Germany EOQ President: Ettinger/NL 
Quality Appraisal and Quality Incentives
1963Copenhagen EOQ President: Ettinger/NL 
Cost Reduction through Quality Control
1962Aix-en-Provence/France EOQ President: Mothes/F 
Quality and Reliability
1961Turin/Italy EOQ President: Mothes/F 
Integrated Control of Product Quality
1960London/United Kingdom EOQ President: Nixon/UK
Controlling Product Quality – Its Value to Industry
1959Brussels/Belgium EOQ President: Nixon/UK
Simplified Methods
1958Essen/Germany EOQ President: Masing/FRG
Consumer-Vendor Relations
1957Paris/France EOQ President: Masing/FRG
Quality Control as a Management Tool