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https://bmra.org/bmra/essay-to-buy/21/ The concept of the Summer Camps is an initiative of the EOQ to bring World Change Leaders together. Change leaders are persons committed to designing, leading or catalyzing change in their lives, their organizations, and/or their communities. Participants of a Summer Camp will increase their skills and level of effectiveness as leaders so that they can individually and collectively achieve better performance results.

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The mission of the EOQ Summer Camps is to create a collective sense of responsibility about making positive breakthrough changes in organizations and society and its vision is to promote quality and innovative change among practioners/leaders throughout Europe, offering an opportunity to experience knowledge ecology around the issue of change management.



Summer Camp "Passion in Education" - Tilburg/Netherlands, 14 -17 September 2010

source The Summer Camp has been hosted by the Arts Department of Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Tilburg, in the South of the Netherlands,a place where passion and education come together. Focus has been given to the powerful, exciting passion of the teacher and the learner.

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https://www.iama.edu/clinics/online-ordering-viagra.html Summarizing the Summer Camp 2010 in one word the following occurred:  circus, co-creation, connection,  future oriented, interaction, slowing down, passion, diversity, recognition, passion.

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Brief History...

2010Summer camp in Tilburg/Netherlands
2009Summer camps in Soeterboek/Netherlands (healthcare) and Alnwick/UK
2007Summer camp in Slovenia
2006Summer camp in Colocep/Croatia
2005European Summit on Transformation - Paris, April 18-19; winter camp in Talin/Estonia and summer camps in Compiègne/France and Rüdesheim/Germany
2004Summer camp in Beirut/Lebanon
2003Summer camp in Maastricht/Netherlands
2002Summer camps in Gothenburg/Sweden and Limerick/UK
2001Summer camps in Versailles/France and Istanbul/Turkey
1999Colloquium on Change Management in Versailles/France