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About EOQ

Who we are...

https://groups.csail.mit.edu/graphics/bkp/?need=thesis-statement-outline-generator&ok=2 The European Organization for Quality, EOQ, is an autonomous, non-profit making association under Belgian law.
The EOQ is the European interdisciplinary organization striving for effective improvement in the sphere of quality in its broadest sense acting as the coordinating body and catalyst of its National Representative Organizations (NRs).
Within the EOQ network of organizations from European countries and all over the world are linked hundreds of thousands of experts and companies in the field of quality.
The values, vision and mission of EOQ are contained in the EOQ Charter  developed and adopted by the EOQ General Assembly.


http://forestry.sfasu.edu/books/creative-writing-setting-the-scene-ks2.html The EOQ (at that time called European Organization for Quality Control - EOQC) was established in 1956 and the founding organizations came from five western European Countries: France, Italy, Western Germany, The Netherlands and United Kingdom. Then, as a first major step in broadening the delivery of a quality agenda the EOQ spread its roots into other western European countries, before establishing links with central and eastern European countries in what was then seen as a Communist bloc. More recently EOQ has widened its activities to include the countries of the southern and eastern Mediterranean region.

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What we do...

https://engineering.purdue.edu/~zavattie/pictures/?edit=i-cannot-do-my-assignments-on-time&my=10 EOQ is acting as a worldwide leader in the development and management of quality in its widest sense, and as a key influencer in education in the field of quality in its broadest sense. 
EOQ is a crossroads of ideas, knowledge, research and information for the mutual benefit of all.

http://industrial-excellence-award.eu/publications/?did=desalination-research-paper EOQ’s main products and services:

How we do...

free argumentative essays on gay marriage To succeed in its work the EOQ relies on its members who are the operators of the organization.

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  • The source url EOQ General Assembly is the supreme organ of the association and possesses all necessary and useful powers to allow it to achieve the purposes of the EOQ. The General Assembly is composed of one representative of each National Representative organization and of the members of the Executive Board.
  • The thesis statement examples for early childhood education EOQ Executive Board is vested with the full and entire powers to run the affairs of the EOQ and may, to this purpose, perform all deeds that it considers necessary or useful to achieve the EOQ objectives.
  • The https://groups.csail.mit.edu/graphics/bkp/?need=master-thesis-how-to-write&ok=2 EOQ President is the Chairperson of the General Assembly and the Executive Board, elected each 3 years.
  • The source url EOQ General Secretariat is dealing with the management of EOQ's daily business, the implementation of the policies of EOQ as directed by the General Assembly and the Executive Board.

watch http://forestry.sfasu.edu/books/essay-on-power-of-press-written-media.html EOQ Members and Partners

http://www.uprp.edu/ponce/?text=term-paper-ideas-art-history EOQ Members are organizations being directly linked with EOQ and contributing to its mission. Depending on their legal status, national representation and kind of activities, EOQ member organizations are differentiated by:

https://groups.csail.mit.edu/graphics/bkp/?need=high-school-assignment-help&ok=2 source EOQ Partners

source url Partners are organizations (profit and non profit) willing to co-operate with EOQ in the diffusion of the Quality movement in Europe. Their contribution could be from different types of resources (financial, expertise, participation to projects, etc.)

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