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A Quality Leader is a Leader in an organization having succeeded in moving the organization to success ...

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EOQ Members' Activities

    • Quality Austria hosts various sector-specific events in German language (Food, Health Care and Environment forums, Austrian Excellence Award) as well as the annual qualityaustria Forum in Salzburg dedicated to quality management systems and its various angles with national and international experts and keynote speakers. For up to date information regarding the integrated management system in the fields of quality, environmental and safety management as well as other sectors you are invited to check out the news and press releases as a guide for the various activities of Quality Austria.For updates regarding the English training offer, the Summer academy for Quality Management in Vienna and other new products for English speaking customers please refer to this page. Further information can be found on the website www.qualityaustria.com  
  • MeduProf-S, empowered by Fontys University of Applied Sciences and the  Vlaams Centrum voor Kwaliteitszorg (Flemish Centre for Quality Management, www.vck.be) organize a two weeks training  “Quality Change Agent”  in spring 2013. The program is aimed at quality managers that are involved in a change process or want to be educated in that area.
  • 24th of September  2010 - 25 years Flemish Quality Management Centre - Reception and Dinner at the City Hall of Antwerp 
  • 23rd Flanders Quality Conference

Continuous improvement is no longer the only answer to the challenges we are facing in this world which becomes more and more complex, at high speed.  Thinking, acting and realizing breakthroughs in a different way, seems to be the only solution.

After « Resilient Thinking » in 2009, « Breakthrough » will be the theme of the 23rd Quality Congress.  Together with experts, who will draw the attention to different ways of looking at problems, we are going to investigate what is to be done now and how you can realize a breakthrough in your organization.

  • 26th of November, 2010 - Annual Quality event with awards:
    - Business Excellence manager of the year
    - K2 awards
    - Quality Club Flanders awards

Bosnia and Hertzegovina

  • AQBiH celebrated the World Quality Day and the European Quality Week by organizing the 7-th Conference of Quality in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Conference was held in Capljina, November 7-9 2012. under the slogan "Quality as a key factor in business". The first day of the Conference started with the roundtable entitled "Validity of certificates for BH exporters - BH accreditation of laboratories for food products."More information (in local languages) is available at the Conference web page http://www.kvalitet.ba. During the Conference, was held on Thursday, November 8, 2012 the 9th Annual (electorial) Assembly of the Association.
  • AQBIH celebrated the European Quality Week 2011 with the Sixth Conference of Quality in B&H organized in Tuzla, from 9th to 11th of November 2011.The theme of the Conference is "Quality - Entrance Ticket for the Community of Successful".
  • Croatian Society for Quality (HDK)organized on 9th November, 2012, under the auspices of Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Croatian Accreditation Agency, State Office for Metrology, Croatian Standards Institute and Croatian Metrology Institute, the Croatian Quality Day. On this event were also announced the winners of the „Croatian Society for Quality Charter“ 2012.
  • The Croatian Society for Quality (HDK) organized an event on 8th of November at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The event comprised following topics: Presentation of the results of Survey on number of certificates in Croatia in the year 2010 and of the redesigned web page www.hdkvaliteta.hr, Presentation on energy efficiency with regard to the new standards, Announcement of „Croatian Society for Quality Charter“ winners and Rewarding the authors of papers on conferences organized by Croatian Society for Quality who participated more than five times.
  • The Croatian Society for Quality (HDK) is organizing its 12th Croatian Conference on Quality and its 3nd Scientific Assembly under the slogan “Through quality to a successful society ” - Quality for greatest impact.This is an international professional and scientific assembly, to be held on 10-12 May 2012, at the Hotel Neptun-Istra in Brijuni National Park.

    More details and Registration Form.
    Information on hotel booking and organized transport available on the Congress website:
  • The Croatian Society for Quality (HDK) is organizing its 11th Croatian Conference on Quality and its 2nd Scientific Assembly under the slogan “Innovative application of quality”. This is an international professional and scientific assembly, to be held on 12 - 14 May 2011, in the town of Vodice. HDK is cordially inviting you to attend this gathering of May 2011, hoping you will find its topics of interest and enjoy not only the company of international experts in the field, but also the beauty of the Croatian Adriatic coast.
    Please find attached the First Announcement and Call for Papers and a Participant Registration Form.
    Information for participants, including those who wish to contribute a presentation, paper or poster, will be found at www.hdkvaliteta.hr

Czech Republic

  • Czech Society for Quality (CSQ) organized its annual International Conference with motto “Key Factor – Quality” during the 6th and 7th November in Prague. Main topics of the conference were innovations, lean production methods, quality of personal life, soft skills, successful strategies, quality in supply chain, CSR, food quality and safety and behavioural workshops. Also, the best students thesis focused on quality, were awarded during the Conference.
  • CyAQ organized the annual Cyprus Quality Conference on Thursday, on November 10, 2011. During the conference notable speakers delivered presentations on topics focused on reducing costs to businesses by implementing Quality best practices. Other events: during the European Quality Week, selected members of CyAQ hosted to their premises site-visits of other members of the association. The objective of these visits was the exchange of new ideas, experiences, knowledge and networking between members.
  • The Cyprus Association for Quality (CyAQ) participated as a project partner at the project Six Sigma and the Cyprus Small & Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs).  The project enabled organizations to develop custom-made process efficiencies and to strengthen the competitiveness in basic sectors of the economy.
  • The implementation of quality systems in companies and organizations bring enormous benefits that lead to improved products / services, productivity and performance. This was the main conclusion of the conference organized by the Cyprus Association of Quality (member of EOQ and OEB), on November 24, 2010 in Nicosia. The Conference was in the context of efforts to encourage and promote the institution of quality in Cyprus.
    During the workshop were presented practical examples, success stories, results and experiences from representatives Cyprus companies / organizations engaged in the Business Excellence Model EFQM, the Human Resources standard Investors in People (IIP) and the methodology Six Sigma. The event was sponsored by Bank of Cyprus. All the presentations and photos can be found in the website of CyAQ.
  • Estonian Association for Quality (EAQ) organizes on 25-26 January, 2011 at Swissotel Tallinn the international conference "The Journey from Mediocrity to Excellence" dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the organization.

For more information visit www.eaq.ee/conference

  • Estonian Association for Quality organizes its annual Excellence Conference on 1-2 February 2012, Swissotel Tallinn. The theme of the Conference is 'Changing World - ANYTHING is Possible!'; keynote speakers will be Peter Merrill from Canada and Robin Wood from France.
    Are expected more than 30 presenters from 14 countries and simultaneous translation into English, Russian and Estonian is provided.
    Programme and registration, as well as travel information on website http://www.eaq.ee/en


  • Finnish Quality Association (Laatukeskus Excellence Finland) organized on November 8, 2012 following events: ”World Quality Day –seminar” and the Excellence Finland and Innovation Award Gala in Kalastajatorppa Helsinki and the Advisory Board meeting to celebrate World Quality Day.
  • Some regional associations of MFQ , organized the Quality Month 2012,“ Le Mois de la Qualité “ (end of October up to the beginning of December): agenda on the website www.mfq-fc.asso.fr . The theme of the month is “ Your Deposit of Added Value “. On November 8 will be organized 2 meetings : “ Practice of the Lean “ and “ Energy management Systhem “ ISO 50001/V 2011 and on November 9, the meeting called "Sustainable in Purchasing Job “.
  • The President of the Federation of Regional Associations of the French Movement for Quality (FAR/MFQ) invites to the Ceremony of handing-over of the French Price for Quality & Performance to be held in Paris on March 22nd, 2010.

You may find detailed information on the FAR/MFQ website.

  • On October 6 th 2011, FAR/MFQ  organizes the Ceremony of the French Quality Award “ Prix Français de la Qualité et de la Performance “ ( PFQP ) 2011. This manifestation includes the National  Sustainability Congress  organized in Lille on Octber 5 - 6  with the title: “ Journée Annuelles Développement Durable et Entreprises “ ( JADDE ).
  • The German Society for Quality (DGQ) launched on its website in April 2010 a press release "Marketing of our activities - image formation", by presenting the current techical activities of the EOQ and its member organizations: "The European Organization for Quality (EOQ), Brussels, realizes at present a targeted development and international harmonization of the requirements for quality technical personnel. The long-term goal is the international recognition by the national accreditation bodies. To this end, the EOQ cooperates with the European Accreditation (EA) and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF)."
  • DGQ is actively promoting on its website the EOQ and EOQ certification of professionals through its training and personnel certification brochure 2012.


  • EEDE celebrated the European Quality Week through following events: November 8th, at the City of Lamia - "Quality in Strengthening Competitiveness" and November 10th, Athens - Quality Leader Award Ceremony
  • Hungarian National Committee for EOQ prepared, together with the Hungarian Society for Quality, a two-day-conference on the occasion of the European Quality Week (November 6-7, 2012) on the topic: "EUROPE 2020 - Intelligent, Sustainable, Inclusive Growth".
  • The EOQ Hungarian National Committee reports about important events organized in September-November 2010
    • 17th National Conference of ISO 9000 Forum
    • 19th Hungarian Quality Week
    • Quality Day of the Hungarian Post


  • IAQMA celebrated the World Quality Day at its national conference which will take place on November 7, 2012 in Almaty. The conference was designed to promote managament systems based on ISO international standards as well as EOQ-PRU activities. The event information and program were posted at www.standard.kz


  • On March 9, 2011 MLQ organizes a workshop " Auditing more effective" destined to all those wanting to improve their perfromances in auditing quality management systems. For more information visit http://www.mlq.lu/
  • On November 15, 2010 two lectures in German language:
    • Quality assurance in production by innovative non-destructive testing methods (lecturer Dr.-Ing. Sven Kurzenhäuser)
    • Agile by the early phases of innovation process of complex systems (lecturer Dipl.-Econ.-Ing. Katja Landgraf) 

Detailed information as well as the possibility of on-line registration.

  • Friday November 19, 2010, the prizes winner of the Luxembourg Price for Quality 2010 had the honor to receive their rewards handed over by Mr. Jeannot Krecké,  Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade. This moment awaited so much by the candidates, gathered at the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg nearly 250 people.
    Prizes winner of the Luxembourg Price of Quality:
    • Vectis PSF S.a. (category very small company), 
    • Service of geriatric rehabilitation of ZithaKlinik (category small organization of public utility)
    • CBL s.a, (category large company).
    Prizes winner of the mentions “On the Way of Excellence”:
    • Phoenix Contact (category very small company), 
    • Workshop of Goeres Clock industry (category very small company)
    • Paul Wagner & Wire (category large company).


  • The recently gathered EOQ membership, as National Representative Organization, of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry has been presented in detail in the weekly newsletter of the organization of July 9-th, 2010.


  • Ecofin Consult organized on November 11, 2011 a meeting with all its members to celebrate the European Quality Week with the motto "Quality for best impact"


  • NFKR celebrated the World Quality Day on Novemebr 8 with its annual national conference. The inauguration was made by the Investigation Leader of the 22nd July 2011 disaster, Alexandra Bech Gjørv, presenting Risk & Quality Management aspects for a society related to her commission scope. The conference sports three streams covering system methods and tools, development in international management system standardization and a World Café in Risk Management hosted by Statoil. Conference program at www.nfkr.no
  • NFKR celebrated the European Quality Week 2011 on the 14th November with a Quality & Risk Management conference in Oslo. Experience transfer from successful performing organizations was enjoyed together with a comprehensive World Café workshop focusing on the 8 principles of ISO 9000:2005. Assistant Professor Dr. Paulo Sampaio from the University in Minho Portugal provided with statistics and trends in Quality Management. Feedback from the participants documented a good 5 of 6 in value score. Part of the success (see photo, from left to right): Sverre Thorstad Program Manager, Annlaug Astad Office Manager, Eva Minge Program Committee, Karen-Marie Blix, NFKR Board member, Dr. Paulo Sampaio, Assistant Professor Portugal and lecturer, Torolf Paulshus, NFKR CEO, Asbjorn Aune, QM Professor, Clive Robertson, World Café custodian and leader.
  • NFKR invites the international audience to the Oslo Quality Conference 2012 the 7th and 8th June. This is the 7th year that NFKR run this conference, and this year one of the two conference streams is in English in order open up for spreading and sharing experience. See more information at www.nfkr.no.
    The Conference theme is responding to the international back drop of economical crises. Global crises and profound changes breed new winners that finds sustainable opportunities. The winners are those that identify the solutions and know how to challange them. Hence the theme of the Conference is: GREATER RISKS – ROBUST STRATEGIES

    The venue is held at Holmenkollen Park Hotel Rica, a comfortable conference hotel overlooking Oslo and the Oslofjord, see http://www.holmenkollenparkhotel.no/en.html.
  • The 12th November (World Quality Day) NFKR, the EOQ NR organization from Norway, is hosting the Autumn Congress at Bristol Hotel in Oslo, Norway. This is the second year this Conference is conducted. It is expected that 150 Quality and Risk Managers will attend.
  • Mr. Olav Finsnes succeeds Mr. Haavard Martinsen that has served impressive 7 terms as our President from the start up in 2003.  Mr. Finsnes  was the main initiator of NFKR in 2003, he is a long time senior and well known contributor  in the Quality and Risk community in Norway. Also, he was the organizer of NFKR’s relation to EOQ and has been the NFKR and QMCe delegate in PRU since 2005 where you already met his engagement.
  • The Norwegian Society for Quality and Risk Management (NFKR) organizes in Oslo, 17-18 June, 2010 the annual Quality Conference. The two profiled conference themes this year are Corporate Social Responsibility and Integrated Management System.


  • On 8th of November 2012 PCBC organized the Polish Quality Day in Copernicus Center in Warszawa. There were celebrated 20 years of accreditation system in Poland, 10 years of PCBC as share company, 10 years of conformity assessment regulation in Poland and ten years of organic farming certification
  • Within the European Quality Week, on November 10, 2010 will be organized the annually conference in the Museum of John Paul II Collection of The J & Z. Carroll-Porczynski Foundation. Details will be available at www.pcbc.gov.pl and in the quarterly magazine “ABC Jakości” 1-2/2011.
  • On 30 September, 2010 PCBC organized the conference “Good practices of implementation and improvement of systems, tools and quality management methods”. Representatives of State and Local Administration,  of Health Protection Authorities, of Army and Police,  of Science and Culture, Businessmen, Business Partners and representatives of Mass Media participated in this conference (details available in “ABC Jakości” 3-4/2010 and at www.pcbc.gov.pl)


  • The Portuguese Association for Quality (APQ) sent a strong message on the World Quality Day (8th November) by e-mail to its members and all the Portuguese quality community (more than 30.000 addresses). The message was published on the APQ website and it is signed by the APQ President of the Board and underlines the importance of quality in the daily of companies and all kind of organizations, public and private. The knowledge and learning of quality methods and tools are the best arguments for quality professionals, in order to reinforce change and innovation process in companies. Knowledge is a safe investment, namely in crisis time


  • ARC celebrated during the week 05-11 November 2012, the European Quality Week by organizing daily round tables with different topics: Improvement Tools and Techniques, Risk Management, Quality and Economical Crisis, Safety in Working, Social Responsibilities etc.
  • The Romanian Association for Quality (ARC) organized, during the European Quality week 2011, several free workshops, with the following topics: November 7:Risk Management - One of the Actual Priorities of Organisations, November 8: SA 8000 versus ISO 26000, November 9: Six Sigma – how to reduce costs and improve quality
    November 10: Management Systems – efficient solutions for organizations’ development in the actual economical context, November 11: Round Table – Sustainable Development – present and future
    For details see www.quality.ro


  • As every time for the last 10 years on November 8, 2012 it has been organized a National level Quality conference in Russia. One of presentations was dedicated to International Quality where was highlighted EOQ's role as European Quality leader .
    Altogether there were organized 16 events on November 8, dedicated to Quality.


  • UASQ – United Association of Serbia for Quality organized the European Quality Week 2012 in Serbia through following events: 16th International Annual YUSQ Conference ''National Strategy for Quality Improvement '', 9th Special Conference ''Integrated Management Systems'', 9th Conference of Yusq Committee for Quality Improvement in Process Industry ’’Q/E/O M in Process Industry’’, 9th Annual Conference National Academy for Quality ''Current Research in Quality Field – State of the Art'', 5th Conference STC for IT ’’Q and IT’’, YUSQ International Convention on Quality / working preparation - Belgrade, 2013
  • JUSK celebrated the European Quality Week on November 9 – 11, 2011 in Novi Sad, under the motto: “Quality for best impact”.


  • Slovak Society for Quality organized on 8th-9th November at Štrbské Pleso (Tatra mountains) the conference "World quality day" with the motto: "Let´s do the right things right way".


  • SZKO organized its 21st Conference, under the title "The Answer is quality", on November 8 and 9, 2012 in Portoroz.
    At the end of the Conference will be held a round table presenting the winners of various awards issued in 2012 in Slovenia. The presidents and directors of six Slovenian well known companies will talk about their approach towards excellence.
  • SZKO organized its 20th Annual Conference during the European Quality Week, held on November 10 and 11, 2011.
  • It's a traditional event gathering every year 300 people dealing with quality - experts, managers, consultants, trainers, university's associates and as well people from business -  directors, general managers, and presidents from various companies and institutions. The programme will run in plenary session and four sessions/sectors: business&economics, public administration, schools&training and healthcare. More than 40 papers will be presented and discussed in various round tables and workshops. The general sponsor, contributing the research project and presentation in managing big healthcare systems, is Hewlett Packard.


  • The Spanish Association for Quality promoted in the context of the European Quality Week the World Quality Day the 8th of November 2012. The main act took place in the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism in Madrid. This commemoration aims to offer insight into how the transformation enables organizations to meet the challenges of the economic scenario affecting the country. Their Royal Highness the Prince and the Princess of Asturias Felipe and Letizia participated as Chairmen of the Committee of Honour. More information: www.aec.es
  • The Spanish Association for Quality (AEC) General Assembly which took place on 22th of May, 2012, was the chosen framework for the celebration of the 15 years on personnel certification activity.During these meeting, there were presented awards to those personalities and organizations which have leaned a supported the certification activity during these years.
    The awards were given to Mr. Pablo Culebras, the President of the Certification Commission during 12 years and to Mr. Alberto Urtiaga, the first Director of the Certification body.
    In the organizational category, the organizations which have received the awards are AENA AEROPUERTOS with more than 90 certified personnel, RENFE OPERADORA and GAS NATURAL FENOSA (both with more than 65 people certified).
  • AEC organized the World Quality Day on 10th of November at the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce in Madrid having as theme "Quality and talent: sucessful factors". In this event Its Royal Higness the Princess and Prince of Asturias will participate as Honor Committee.
  • Under the slogan “Adding value”, the Spanish Association for Quality (AEC) commemorates during 2011 the 50th anniversary of its foundation.
    To celebrate this golden anniversary the AEC has launched a special logo and is also preparing for the next months the organization of several events as well as a special issue of the magazine “Calidad”. This issue will include the participation of relevant international bodies. More info on www.aec.es
  • The theme of CSTIC 2010 will be “ICT Management: Quality and Sustainability”. You can get more information about it in the official web site of the Spanish Association for Quality.
  • This congress is a meeting point for professionals and experts in automotive industry management, where they can establish action lines, strategies and business alliances to consolidate this sector, especially in these times of crisis. You can get more information about it and find the program in the official web site of the Spanish Association for Quality.


  • Ukrainian Association for Quality celebrated the European Quality Week on 13-15 November by the 21st International Forum "Quality Days in Kiev'2012". More detail information on website: http://www.greenmind.com.ua/
  • UAQ celebrated the European Quality Week on the occasion of the annual International Forum "Quality Days in Kiev" held on November 07-11, 2011
  • On the occasion of the European Quality Week, 8th to 12th November, the Ukrainian Association for Quality has conducted the 19th International Forum “Quality Days in Kiev’ 2010”.

EOQ Honorary Members

  • Professor Dr. Hans Dieter Seghezzi, resident in Schaan Liechtenstein, was for many years company management member at Hilti AG Schaan, and in 1988 he got the appointment of the University of St. Gallen to develop and lead the Institute for Technology Management (ITEM). Since 1997 Dr. Seghezzi participates also considerably in the development of the Businesses School of the University of Salzburg. He is honorary president of the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) and honorary member of several important quality organizations.
    Professor Seghezzi has been appointed an honorary member of the International Academy for Quality (IAQ)at its annual convention held in Izmir/Turkey in October 2010, in acknowledgment of his outstanding contribution to science, technology, economics and management of quality. This appreciation raises Hans Dieter Seghezzi into the rank of the world-wide leading personalities, which took over as an obligation the improvement of the quality of products and services to the well-being of mankind and to the constant promotion of the quality of life