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The added-value of EOQ based competence certificates

Competence certificates based on EOQ personnel certification schemes have an outstanding reputation and are objective proof of competence due to the world wide accepted processes of assessment, examination, certification and re-certification used in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17024 standard’s requirements.

Arguments to it:

  • State of the art - EOQ’s close relationships with leading European and international organizations: Built on a competence network, experts’ knowledge and methods along with an extensive pool of experience from all over Europe, trends are influenced, innovations interpreted and the requirements of tomorrow’s world are shaped and created through EOQ’s representatives’ active involvement in the work of different bodies at European and international level e.g. at EA, IAF, ISO, CASCO, IPC.
  • Professional design and development of EOQ harmonized personnel certification schemes – the EOQ certification schemes used as reference for the certification and re-certification of professionals are developed by specialists from leading quality organizations from all over Europe, assuring a European harmonized professional approach and mutual recognition
  • Unified approach - specified and aligned content of EOQ normative documents: the EOQ Competence Specifications (CoS) and Certification Schemes (CS) have for each profession clearly defined profiles/job descriptions, knowledge and skills requirements as well as requirements for the certification processes of the personnel certification. Together with additional EOQ documents certification bodies running the EOQ scheme ensure a harmonized approach for certifying persons Europe wide.
  • European harmonized knowledge pre-condition requirements - the pre-conditions related to the content and duration of vocational trainings to be proved by EOQ certification candidates, including recognition rules and procedures for the recognition of training organizations and provided trainings are defined on the same European harmonized approach and applied by involved personnel certification bodies.
  • European harmonized practical experience requirements - EOQ based certificates are recognized as competence certificates as they are issued on the basis of fulfillment of practical experience requirements, harmonized at European level and applied by all involved personnel certification bodies
  • High level competence of examiners - examiners acting on behalf of personnel certification bodies involved in EOQ competence certification have to fulfill the same high level EOQ competence requirements and examination procedures.
  • Fair, valid and reliable assessments - all personnel certification bodies involved in the EOQ competence certification have to fulfill the requirements of ISO/IEC 17024 standard plus EOQ specific additional requirements. Fairness, validity and reliability of their assessments are monitored by national accreditation bodies and/or EOQ, through periodic audits.
  • Assurance of ongoing competence development - the validity of EOQ based competence certificates is limited. For the prolongation of the certificates’ validity the certificates’ holders have to prove practical experience in the certified professions and further professional development.
  • EOQ based competence certificates recognized at European and international level - professionals holding an EOQ competence certificate or being registered in the EOQ database for professionals are part of the growing network of over 110.000 qualified experts, who possess competence recognition at European and international level. They have access to an European network of experts in various scopes in different countries.