Advantages of the EOQ competence certification

Advantages for EOQ competence certificates’ holders:

  • EOQ certificates are a mark of excellence, representing the recognition of your competence in the certified profession, based on an European harmonized certification scheme
  • You may perform the examination in your own language and you may apply for an EOQ competence certificate and –card through EOQ recognized personnel certification bodies from all over Europe
  • Your EOQ certification is recognized all over Europe and above
  • The EOQ certificate is designed with your career in mind
  • You may gain an advantage over your competition and increase your career progression opportunities
  • When applying for international jobs EOQ certificates can be an effective help
  • Holding an EOQ certification you may indicate your certification(s) on your personal business card and demonstrate your dedication to the profession you have chosen
  • Your name and identification of your valid EOQ certificate are published in the EOQ Registry, on the EOQ website

Adavantages for employer companies:

  • go site follow site Improve your competitiveness – enhance your organization’s management systems with the involvement of competitive employees, the EOQ competence certificates’ holders.
  • source site Evaluation of present information – critical analysis of applicability and usefulness of general principles to specific situations in your company. EOQ competence certificates’ holders have a range of skills to analyze problems and implement practical solutions.