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Which professions are certified by the EOQ?

high school dropout essays The EOQ Harmonized Schemes are coordinated and recognized training and examination patterns at European level, in the quality management and other management topics.


http://www.berkeleyfestival.org/8619-road-not-taken-interpretation-essay-examples/ The education and competence profiles are defined among other issues according to the following criteria: 

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  • Which body of knowledge and abilities should I bring along for which profession 
  • Which topics have to be known 
  • Which knowledge is to be proven in the examinations 
  • Training depth related to the knowledge to be acquired
  • Number of required hours of the performed training 
  • Further criteria are vocational background, vocational experience as well as practical experience in certain fields of activity

enter The EOQ-PRU Harmonized Schemes are grouped on 3 main types:

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  • Integrated Quality
  • Specific sectors and
  • Other functions

essay topics for aims and for each EOQ certificate is defined a certain validity period of 3 or 5 years.
After the expiration of the validity period, a re-certification is needed (carried out under defined conditions), in order to keep the EOQ certification.


Sample of EOQ competence certificate