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NEWS - EOQ Personnel Certification/Registrations

  • 2.5 mg cialis generic New versions of EOQ CoS 9000 and EOQ CS 9000 for Quality Management Personnel have been issued and published in June 2015 in accordance with the current market needs and the new version of ISO 9001 standard
  • EOQ Certification Scheme - Junior Programs ( go EOQ CS Junior) refers to following certifications:
    • Quality Management Representative Junior
    • Quality Management Representative in Healthcare Junior
    • Quality Manager Junior
    • Quality Manager in Healthcare Junior
    • Environmental Systems Manager Junior
    • Occupational Health and Safety Manager Junior
    • Energy Management Representative Junior
    • Energy Manager Junior
    • Quality Auditor Junior
    • Environmental Systems Auditor Junior
    • Occupational Health and Safety Systems Auditor Junior
    • Energy Management Auditor Junior

https://smj.org.sa/pages/help/watch-me-having-sex-on-viagra.html EOQ Junior programs are intended to provide access to internationally recognized certification programs for persons who have reached a high level of theoretical knowledge in the specified area (e.g. typically through an advanced university degree in the area) but have not obtained the full work experience in order to fulfil the requirements of the respective certification scheme.

  • here First EOQ Risk Manager Certificates will be issued for 23 candidates of Norway (February 2013).