Who we are?

The EOQ Personnel Registration Unit

https://www.saratogatodaynewspaper.com/sections/buy-viagra-100mg/3/ EOQ's goal is to achieve mutual recognition of qualifications within Europe, hence, the registration and certification of EOQ certified professionals.


viagra blood clots The EOQ supports all common activities, with respect to the qualification and registration/certification of EOQ certified professionals under the EOQ Personnel Registration Scheme and promotes the mutual recognition and acceptance of registrations/certificates within the framework of the scheme, actually based on mutual recognition through the European cooperation for Accreditation (EA), granted by its recognized members called generic viagra generique EOQ-PRU Agents.

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click For this purpose, the EOQ has formed a special unit, the canadian generic cialis EOQ Personnel Registration Unit (EOQ-PRU). The EOQ-PRU acts both as a clearing body and as a body for the recognition/certification and acceptance of EOQ certified professionals and deals with:

  • harmonization of EOQ Personnel Registration Schemes 
  • registration and re-registration of EOQ certified professionals 
  • assessment/recognition of PRU Agents for personnel certification