Another milestone in EOQ history


After 2 months of intensive work, EOQ has taken the plunge into online certificate ordering.
With this milestone, CC Agents will receive certificates -ready to send to the certificateholder- immediately after they have been ordered.




By further automating the invoicing as well, EOQ can drastically improve the work process of the certificate administration.




Digitization of EOQ Competence certificates and cards – starting in September 2022

Following its strategic directions, EOQ decided to modernize the administration of its highly valued EOQ competence certificates and cards, by developing a new digitized tool for this purpose. Starting with September 1st 2022, the EOQ competence certificates and cards are issued and distributed to the applicants, via the EOQ CC Agents, in digital format.

By substituting printed certificates and plastic cards with their digital equivalent, the whole process is simpler, quicker and is saving all kind of resources.

EOQ competence certificates’ holders now have easy and quick access to the digital proofs of their competences.