About Quality

During an interview in Quality Magazine, Ulf Gustavsson, Secretary General of EOQ described ‘quality’ as follows :

QW: What does quality mean to you?

UG: From my perspective, quality is where everything comes together. Let’s take a product as an example.

“Quality is the customers’ perception of all the effort combined that an organisation is doing before, during and after their interaction with a customer. The value of that effort is the measure of quality.”

In other words, where everything comes together in the eyes of the customers.

The concept of ‘quality’ is further defined by Patrick Mongillon, the representative of EOQ in France:

Quality can be defined with three points :

  1. Excellence in products and services : to satisfy increasingly demanding customers and conquer new markets
  2. Performance : processes, operations and organization, aiming for compliance, organizing change through projects, being creative
  3. Managerial practices : modes of cooperation for the satisfaction of all stakeholders especially employees

Starting or boosting quality approach targets three challenges :

  1. Optimize your organization : more fluid, more efficient, less costly
  2. Control your growth : your range is expanding, you workforce is growing, your information system too, and everything becomes more complicated. The growths need to be managed
  3. Motivate your employees : motivated staff smile at their customers and seek to improve operations.