About Quality

Quality can be defined with three points :

  1. Excellence in products and services : to satisfy increasingly demanding customers and conquer new markets
  2. Performance : processes, operations and organization, aiming for compliance, organizing change through projects, being creative
  3. Managerial practices : modes of cooperation for the satisfaction of all stakeholders especially employees

Starting or boosting quality approach targets three challenges :

  1. Optimize your organization : more fluid, more efficient, less costly
  2. Control your growth : your range is expanding, you workforce is growing, your information system too, and everything becomes more complicated. The growths need to be managed
  3. Motivate your employees : motivated staff smile at their customers and seek to improve operations.


A trusted brand is not always enough!

23 August 2023
The European quality mark connects the characteristics of the product with quality-managed processes in the company.


30 May 2023

What’s new in the field of “New Quality”?

22 August 2022
France: what's new in the field of "New Quality"?

The EA Annual Report 2021 has just been released.

14 June 2022
You can find the EA Annual report in “Information Center > Newsroom > Promotional Materials > EA Reports on EA Website

Certificates for professionals based on EOQ certification schemes – a valid proof of competence!

2 February 2022
Learn more about the added value for organisations using certified personnel.