EOQ Network

EOQ looks beyond European borders to explore quality in all its dimensions.

Through global partnerships, we increase the effectiveness of any organization by pooling resources, influence and effort.

EOQ exchanges knowledge and experience on the basis of Memoranda of Understanding with the following countries or international federations :

  • China : China Association for Quality (CAQ) : www.caq.org.cn
  • Japan : Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers (Juse) : www.juse.or.jp/english/
  • USA : American Society for Quality (ASQ) : https://asq.org/

On 13 September 2002, EOQ formed the World Alliance for Quality (WAQ http://waq.asq.org) with ASQ (American Society for Quality), IAQ (International Academy for Quality) and JUSE (Union of Japanese Scientists & Engineers). With WAQ, these 5 organizations are committed to improving global cooperation and quality principles in all segments of society.