Organizational Structure

General Assembly

The EOQ General Assembly is the ultimate decision making body of the organization, composed of one representative from each National Representative organization and the members of the Executive Board.

Executive Board

The EOQ Executive Board is responsible for running the affairs of the EOQ. The president and the EOQ Executive Board are elected from the GA members. The EOQ President is the Chairperson of the General Assembly and the Executive Board, elected each 3 years.

Executive Board Members
         President Torolf Paulshus, Norway
         First Vice President Anni Koubek, Austria
         Executive Vice President Avelino Brito, Spain
       Executive Vice President An Kint, Belgium
Patrick Mongillon          Executive Vice President Patrick Mongillon, France
         Executive Vice President Maxim Protasov, Russia
         Executive Vice President Pedro Saraiva, Portugal
         Executive Vice President Claudia Welker, Germany

Management Team

The EOQ Secretary-General and the EOQ Management Team are responsible for the management of EOQ’s daily business and the implementation of the EOQ strategy as directed by the General Assembly and the Executive Board.

Management Team
         EOQ Secretary General: Ulf Gustavsson
          EOQ Operations and Quality Manager: Cornelia Butnaru
          EOQ Administration Coordinator: Katelijne Knaeps