In this article Thomas Votsmeier – Director of Standardisation at the German Quality Association (DGQ) – explains how certificates for professionals based on EOQ certification schemes are a valid proof of competence!

Starting with some facts about EOQ certification-related activities, Thomas then explains the EOQ approach to competence-based certification.

After reading this article, the added value for organisations using certified personnel will be obvious to you.


About the author:

Thomas Votsmeier is Director Standardization at the German Association
for Quality (DGQ). As longstanding Head of EOQ`s Technical Working
Group he leads the development of EOQ Certification Schemes and
represents EOQ at European Cooperation for Accreditation EA. He was
member of the ISO CASCO working group during the revision of ISO
17024 and is also active as board member and in working groups of the
International Personnel Certification Association IPC. Furthermore he
supports ISO standards development in Projects of TC 176, TC 207 and
ISO CASCO as representative of DIN and / or EOQ