EOQ Qualification Recognition (EQR)

The EQR Mission

  • Offer professionals EOQ recognized training participation statements, boosting their employment prospects and assuring required pre-requisites for their further development
  • Promote professionals who have acquired valuable knowledge through their participation in EOQ recognized training courses, organized by EOQ recognized training providers

Become an EQR statement holder

Professionals applying for an EOQ Qualification Recognition (EQR) statement:

  • Have participated in training courses developed according relevant EOQ competence Specification (CoS) and organized by an EOQ recognized training provider.
  • May deliver to EOQ a valid participation statement issued by the EOQ recognized training provider for the training course for what the EQR statement is requested.
  • Are agreeing with the EOQ Privacy Policy related data processing.

To become an EQR statement holder, you must fill in the EQR application form and upload the corresponding proofs.

Your application will be evaluated and if positive you will receive an EOQ invoice. Upon payment confirmation, you will receive an electronic EQR statement and you will be included in the EQR Register of EQR statements holders (considering your approval), published on the EOQ public website.

What are EOQ recognized training courses?

EOQ recognized training courses are developed on a European harmonized approach, having as reference the EOQ Competence Specifications (EOQ CoS), related to the content of these vocational trainings.

The EOQ recognized training courses’:

  • Content covers qualification criteria/ knowledge topics as defined in the applicable EOQ CoS.
  • Training methods are defined and suit the learning objectives.

Who are the EOQ recognized training providers?

EOQ recognized training providers are EOQ National Representative member organizations who are using EOQ Competence Specifications (EOQ CoS) as reference for the development and realization of corresponding training courses.

For the EOQ recognition of training providers, following aspects are evaluated against criteria mentioned below:

Training provider competence

  • Training providers shall have the following competences:
  • Organisational competence – A functional quality management system shall be implemented.
  • Technical competence – to design and maintain training course documents/materials corresponding to the training course learning and skills objectives, in accordance with EOQ CoS requirements.
  • Training methods competence – to use appropriate training methods in order to accomplish the learning and skills objectives of the training course.
  • Competent trainers – to assure the realization of the training courses by using trainers competent to deliver to the students the knowledge and skills corresponding to the objectives of the training course

Management System requirements

  • The training provider must be able to demonstrate the effective administration of the training courses in the frame of an adequate and functional management system.

Trainers’ competences

  • The training provider must assure competent trainers to deliver training courses that meet the specified learning objectives.
Register: Training Providers and Training Courses

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