Competence Center Agents (CC Agents)

EOQ CC Agents are EOQ members (National Representatives (NRs) and/or Associated Members).

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They represent the EOQ Competence Center (EOQ CC). All CC Agents act according to EOQ CC personnel certification schemes for which they are subject to regular mandatory auditing.

The EOQ Competence Center guarantees

  • The harmonisation of EOQ personnel registration schemes
  • Registration and re-registration of EOQ-certified professionals
  • Assessment/recognition of EOQ-CC agents for personnel certification

Licenses for Non-EOQ personnel certification bodies (PCB’s)

EOQ has established criteria and rules offering licensing opportunities for personnel certification bodies, other than its own Competence Center Agents.

If you have any questions about the Licenses for non-EOQ Personnel Certification Bodies (PCB’s), we recommend that you consult an EOQ CC Agent.

Here we give you an answer to the most frequently asked questions.

What is an EOQ license for Personnel Certification Bodies?

EOQ has developed in the last decade a set of high level normative documents (Competence Specifications (COS) and Certification Schemes (CS) for a number of professions. The conformity to ISO 17024 as a scheme has been recognized by European Accreditation (EA) in December 2016. It has been recognized that the set of documents related to COS/CS 9000 are suitable as an accreditation basis for national accreditation.

What are the objectives of the EOQ with regard to licenses for PCB’s?

EOQ believes in an “open” business model, which means :

  • EOQ provides certification schemes for the global market, which are accepted as leading schemes in the respective fields
  • EOQ schemes are used by a broad community, not only by a limited number of EOQ CC agents for certification
  • EOQ and its members with CC agents are known as leading organisations by the international community in the field of quality and personnel certification.

What is the EOQ’s basic approach regarding licenses?

Each CC agent giving licences to Personnel Certification Bodies has the following obligations :

  • Evaluation of the expected number of certificates for the three years following the signing of the licence agreement
  • Defining an agreement with the PCB which includes all relevant EOQ rules to be observed, based on the model agreement
  • Ensuring a mechanism and enforcing such mechanism to know in which countries the licensed PCB is active
  • Informing any EOQ-CC Agent if the licensing partner is active in the respective market.
  • Ensuring the access of certified persons from the license partner to EOQ registration through the EOQ-CC Agent
  • Promoting actively with the license partner the EOQ registration
  • Before signing a contract with a PCB, inform other EOQ-CC Agents if a substantial part of the business (more than 20%) of the PCB is in the respective country of this EOQ-CC Agent, or if the head-quarter is in the respective country.
  • In the case that the head-quarter is in another EOQ-CC country, the respective EOQ CC Agent has the prior right to seek agreement with the PCB.
  • The EOQ-CC Agent shall ensure that the PCB is not using the EOQ logo on certificates
  • EOQ does not issue licenses for their schemes for non-accredited certification. The EOQ CC Agent shall ensure and monitor that the schemes are not used for such purposes.

What are the duties of the EOQ-CC Agent giving such licenses?

Each EOQ CC Agent has the right to license Personnel Certification Bodies (PCBs) for the use of EOQ Competence Specifications (COS) and Certification Schemes (CS).

Such a licence is only valid for the currently published COS/CS documents.

How can a Personnel Certification Body (PCB) obtain an EOQ license for personnel certification?

Personnel Certification Bodies interested in obtaining an EOQ license for personnel certification in line with EOQ requirements, please contact the EOQ-CC Agent of your country or -in case there is no EOQ CC Agent in your country, please contact the EOQ General Secretariat.

Training Courses and Training Providers

A number of EOQ members offer trainings, relevant for EOQ competence certifications, but non-EOQ members may also apply for EOQ approval of their training courses. This applies in cases where the training courses are intended to be used as a prerequisite for personnel certification in accordance with the normative EOQ document.

Which EOQ training courses are offered by whom?

For the latest update or if your preferred training course is not listed, we recommend to contact the CC Agent in your country. Its representative will be happy to give you all the necessary information. In the overview below you will find the EOQ recognized training providers and training courses.

Can I also follow a course in a language other than my country's language?

  • For courses in ENGLISH : DGQ – CC Agent Germany – Thomas Votsmeirer OR
    QA – CC Agent Austria – Barbara Stoehrmann
  • For courses in FRENCH : SAQ – CC Agent Switzerland – Ernst Baumann
  • For courses in SERBIAN : QA – CC Agent Austria – Barbara Stoehrmann

How do I know if a training course has been approved by EOQ?

Training providers that have been approved by an EOQ CC Agent are allowed to use the following statements for marketing purposes:
“[name of training provider] is approved as training provider by [name of the EOQ CC Agent / country] for the EOQ related CoS [number and title of the specification* including the degree / title of the related certificate]. The approval expires on [date].” established by the European Organization for Quality, Brussels,

Training providers approved by EOQ, through its EOQ CC Agents, are not allowed to use the EOQ logo. They will use only the special training course approval logo defined by EOQ, on the documentation of the EOQ approved training course.

What are the methods of approval ?

EOQ CC Agents consider the range of models for approving specified training providers and relevant prerequisite training courses, including :

  • Approving training providers (including subcontractors) against EOQ rules defined in document EOQ 24 – EOQ rules for approval of training courses and training Provider.
  • Approving training providers’ training courses designed against EOQ Competence Specification (CoS) requirements.

What is the period of validity of a training course approved by EOQ?

Any approval granted by EOQ for training providers and training courses has the validity of maximum 3 years.

For training COURSES : What are the elements of an EOQ recognition/approval?

For the approval of training courses the following elements: have to be evaluated :

  • Training objectives
  • Training course content
  • Training methods
  • Training course duration and other requirements

For training PROVIDERS : What are the elements of an EOQ recognition/approval?

For the approval of training providers following aspects shall be evaluated according to EOQ criteria :

  • Training provider competence
  • Management System of the training provider
  • Trainers’ competences

How can a non-EOQ Training Provider obtain an EOQ recognition for their training courses?

Training Providers interested in the recognition of their training courses in line with EOQ requirements can contact the CC Agent of their country or -in case there is no CC Agent in their country – the EOQ General Secretariat.

  • EOQ CC Agents will use EOQ Competence Specifications (CoS) to inform training providers about the EOQ requirements to be fulfilled in order to be accredited/approved.
  • Training providers using EOQ CoS as a reference will be evaluated by the EOQ CC Agent concerned.