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Fundamental information



Review of various quality acknowledgements

certificates, marks, labels, stamps, stickers, validations…

  1. Certification marks: have been obtained according to internationally agreed accreditation hierarchy. The whole process is carried out on the base of various standards issued by independent recognized institutions, such as ISO, IATF, AS, EN…
  2. Various professional quality marks have been issued by highly qualified organizations, institutions, laboratories, inspection bodies, covering the quality attributes of wide range of products in specific sectors.
  3. There are thousands of various sorts of labels, stamps, stickers, better said „decorations” with which companies would like to promote their products and services. Usually some text is added as the most trusted brand, the best value for money, the most innovative and quality product, a trusted brand, etc.

Why another Quality acknowledgement?

All quality acknowledgements with high credibility are very professional and could be taken into account when companies awarded with them are presenting their products and services to potential partners / customers.

However, not one of those acknowledgements is offering wide range of elements that would ensure full long-term fulfilment of good business cooperation and contingent partners or end-user consumers satisfaction.

The new EQTM acknowledgement has therefore been developed.

The most important EQTM attributes

  1. High credibility.
  2. Issued by a reputed and respected quality organization.
  3. Covering products manufactured by companies that could guarantee long-term stable quality, in accordance with the contractually agreed conditions.
  4. Issued to products that are fulfilling clearly formulated requirements, based on measured criteria and not on subjective assessment.

Why a company should strive to obtain the EQTM for it’s product?

  • EQTM awarded products will indicate long term sustained quality according to the expectations of its customers.
  • EQTM requirements refer to the products (quality characteristics) and companies that produce them (business performance), what gives an unique approach and guarantees a long-term customer satisfaction.
  • EQTM will be a great recognition for European products, no matter in which country they are produced.
  • EQTM will achieve the leading status for promotion and sales of products in Europe and around the world.

EQTM basic facts:

  • EQTM will be issued by the European Organization for Quality, one of the most reputable quality organizations in Europe.
  • The process of obtaining EQTM will be professionally managed and controlled by an EQTM Committee, together with the participation of interested National Representatives. Properly managed processes will ensure that EQTM will be granted only to products that deserve it.
  • The entire process – registration, eligibility, review and issuance of EQTM will take place online. However, the EQTM committee will random conduct on site visits to verify if companies reported appropriately when applying for EQTM.
  • The validity of EQTM is three years. For the second and third year the EQTM recipient must report that the technical conditions have been sustained as demonstrated at the initial assessment.
  • Validity can be extended for other periods of three years, based on successful reassessment of basic requirements.

EQTM economical facts:

Price of the European Quality Trademark includes:

  • Examination and approval process of candidate application to obtain EQTM
  • Right to use EQTM logo, tool kit for electronic and printing use of the logo
  • Product & company promotion on the EOQ website.
  • Right to promote the product & the company on its website and on various printed publications and at professional events.

Price for the product: 1.000€ / year

Conditions to be fulfilled

Conditions to be fulfilled referring to the company

  • The company has been registered with its headquarters and operations in Europe.
  • Business result have to be positive. It does not refer only to the product, but to the entire business operations, including any other business being executed by the company (products or services).
  • The company has acquired all licenses and permits proving that the product has been manufactured according to national and international requirements and standards. It has introduced the requirements referring to health& safety and environmental issues.
  • Financial obligations, referring to stakeholders outside and within the company must be settled, including any legal disputes referring to the product.
  • The company has implemented and certified QMS (Quality Management System).

Conditions to be fulfilled referring to the product

  • The product must have been at least three years on the market. Its quality characteristics should be constantly improved so that the product will meet customer’s expectations.
  • The product should be at least 60% European sourced.
  • Revenues generated from the sale of the product must be realized with at least three different customers, where none of them exceeds 70% of the product annual turnover.
  • The product has been developed by the company and in no way copies or imitates similar products. If and when required, intellectual property rights have been obtained.
  • Customer satisfaction referring to the delivered products must be regularly monitored. The result must be at least 90%.

Procedure for obtaining the EQTM

  1. The candidate company gets all the information on the EOQ website or receives the input from the National Representatives. If it decides to proceed with the process for obtaining the EQTM it receives the Application form in configuration form to fill it in.
  2. EOQ or NR checks compliance of submitted data. If anything is missing or is not completed, the candidate is required to complete the Application form.
  3. The completed Application form has to be submitted to EOQ. The EQTM Committee will perform the final verification.
  4. If all requirements have been adequately met, EQTM Committee approves the issuance of EQTM.
  5. EOQ issues the EQTM certificate and sends it to the client after the invoice was settled.

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