Competence Certifications


Over the years EOQ has built up a strong reputation with regard to its competence certificates. EOQ Competence Certificate Holders can rightly be proud of their performance. Being EOQ-certified gives individuals a remarkable advantage over their fellow candidates when looking for the international career of their dreams.

Employers, for their part, know that they employ highly qualified employees. Recruiting EOQ-certified candidates gives organizations a guarantee that they are investing in highly qualified personnel.

Read more about Certificates for professionals based on EOQ certification schemes in this article by Thomas Votsmeier.  Convince yourself of the importance and added value of certified personnel.

Competence Certification – FAQ

If you have any questions about the EOQ Competence Certificates, we recommend that you consult an EOQ CC Agent.
Here we give you an answer to the most frequently asked questions.

What is an EOQ Competence Certification?

An EOQ competence certification is the formal recognition by EOQ that an individual has proficiency within, and a comprehension of, a specified body of knowledge.
The holder of the certificate has demonstrated the required knowledge and practice corresponding to the certified profession in accordance with the relevant EOQ Normative Documents.

Why do I need an EOQ certification?

Benefits for individuals :
An EOQ certificate is a mark of excellence, representing recognition of your competence in your chosen professional area(s).
international career opportunities improve with the EOQ -internationally recognised- certificate of competence.
EOQ certified individuals can display their certification(s) on their personal business cards and email signatures. You must refer to your certification in accordance with the legal requirements of your country.
Your name and identification of your valid EOQ certificate are published in the publicly available EOQ Register for Personnel Certification.

Benefits for employers:
Assured, harmonized competence – EOQ competence certificates provide confidence in the holder’s competence. Having expert personnel is a basic principle of business management.
Improved competitiveness – Enhance your management system effectiveness through competent, EOQ-certified employees.
Positive quality culture – Create a continuous improvement culture within your organization with high quality, EOQ-certified professionals.

What is the added value of EOQ Competence Certificates?

  •  Certificates based on EOQ personnel Certification Schemes have an outstanding reputation as objective proof of competence with examination, certification and re-certification delivered in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17024 standard requirements (personnel certification).
  • You will receive an EOQ card corresponding to- and issued together with- your EOQ certificate.
  •  An EOQ competence certificate and card can be sourced through EOQ recognized personnel certification bodies from all over Europe
  • The EOQ based personnel certification schemes support the needs from employers and individuals through:
    • Professional design and development – EOQ certification schemes are developed by specialists from leading quality organizations from all over Europe, assuring a harmonized professional approach and mutual recognition
    • Harmonized requirements – EOQ-based certificates require that
      • the whole harmonised certification process complies with the competence standards for personnel
      •  is harmonised at European level and
      •  is consistently applied by all relevant personnel certification bodies.
    • Recognition at European and global level – professionals with an EOQ certificate of competence are part of the growing network of more than 110,000 qualified experts who have received an EOQ certificate over time.

More than 110 000 professionals are trained and certified based on the EOQ harmonized scheme since 1993.
All certificate holders who currently have a valid certificate can be found in the EOQ register of ‘EOQ Competence Certificate Holders on this website.

What are the professions, certified/registered by EOQ?

Most EOQ certificates focus on personnel for QUALITY.
Within this domain, certification is possible for :

Quality ENGINEERING professional
Quality Manager in HEALTHCARE ; Management Repres. in HEALTHCARE
Quality PROCESS manager
Quality Management REPRESENTATIVE
TOTAL Quality Management ASSESSOR

In addition, EOQ offers a wide range of certification in OTHER domains such as :

ENERGY management
ENVIRONMENTAL (lead) audit ; management
FOOD SAFETY audit ; management
LABORATORY assessment; management
OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH and SAFETY (lead) audit ; management
RISK Management
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY audit ; management

In case of missing practical competence, EOQ offers the option of the JUNIOR certificate for certain professions.

For the complete List of certified/registered professions by EOQ : see Standardization 

How can I obtain an EOQ Competence Certificate?

You can obtain an EOQ competence certificate by contacting a recognised EOQ CC agent. CC agents issue certificates in accordance with the rules laid down in the harmonised EOQ regulations and the EOQ CC’s internal rules.
If there is no EOQ CC-agent in your country, please contact the EOQ general secretariat, stating the EOQ certificate required.

Why and how should I re-certify?

Professional competition is a fact, and the need for skills in the principles and practices of your professional domain is a central concern of many employers. Maintaining your competence certification guarantees the investment you have already made in your career.
To renew your Competence Certificate in accordance with the requirements of the EOQ Normative Documents, please contact the CC Agent that issued your original certificate. They will be happy to assist you.

What are the costs of obtaining an EOQ Competence Certificate?

Prices are determined by each CC agent, according to the local pricing policy. Please contact the CC-agent of your choice. They will be happy to inform you.