For the decision on a revision of ISO 9001-2015 an ISO task group prepared a user survey to get input from experts around the world.

On 29 July 2020, this web-based, world-wide user survey was launched to support understanding of current and future user needs for the international standard ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems – Requirements.

DIN and DGQ have been intensively engaged in the preparation, announcement and report development. As a member in the task group, Thomas Votsmeier offered to be the “liasion person” for EOQ. Concretely this means that EOQ and all their members were asked to take the opportunity to inform their members with sufficient means – especially via a link to the survey on their homepages.

Today, the ISO Public User Survey Report 2021 has been published under ‘About’ on the ISO website ( and you can read it also here.

The published report is a short version, summarizing the results for the public. It is a summary of the substantive data, graphical analysis and findings of the survey.