Benefits of the EOQ-membership

It is not difficult to find good reason to belong to the highly valued organization of EOQ.

Check for yourself if you find the following qualities important for your own organization and make your decision at European -and even global- level :

  • Excel in best practices: benefit from continuous follow-up by EOQ of existing and new best practices.
  • Grow your brand – by being part of the most important community of European quality organizations.
  • Stay relevant – by receiving information on trends and developments in standardization.
  • Expand your activities: EOQ ensures a strong commitment to European and global standards and conformity assessment bodies.
  • Trade globally – through EOQ’s global partnerships.
  • Share and work together – share experiences and challenges with our leading European quality organizations and work together on new concepts, products and services.
  • Do business at a high level of quality – become an EOQ Competence Centre Agent and benefit from national exclusivity in offering a European Recognized Certificate of Competence.

Arguments to become an EOQ member/partner

EOQ Members are organizations and individuals being directly linked with EOQ and contributing to its mission.
The success of EOQ relies on its members. They are the operators of the organisation. EOQ Membership is granted only by application which is assessed against clear criteria by the EOQ Executive Board.

  • Belonging to the main and most important European organization dealing with quality matters, in its broadest sense, being a member of the European Quality community
  • Being up-to-date with the quality movement, environmental protection, occupational health & safety, innovation and transformation, sustainability and corporate social responsibility in Europe
  • Having the “up to dated” information related to the development of standardization and trends in the field (EOQ is strongly involved in ISO technical committees, is a member of the World Alliance for Quality, has agreements and understandings (MoU) with international organizations like International accreditation forum-IAF, European Accreditation – EA, International Personnel Certification Association – IPC, European Committee for Standardization – CEN, etc.)
  • Sharing experience with the main European Quality organizations in the field – learning about successful experiences of the other member organizations, ideas related to new products which could be launched on its own market
  • Participating in common projects at European level
  • The opportunity to be the only one on the national market to offer an European recognized competence certificate (if becomes a CC Agent)
  • Learning about training subjects and contents, examination and certification procedures, etc.