EOQ Members : Overview

At the heart of our organization are the National Representative organizations (NR’s),who are leading non-profit organizations from a European country, of whom we accept only one member per country. Only NR’s have voting rights in the EOQ General Assembly.

CC Agents are EOQ members (National Representatives (NRs) and/or Associated Members). They represent the EOQ Competence Center (EOQ CC). All CC Agents act according to EOQ CC personnel certification schemes for which they are subject to regular mandatory auditing.

If EOQ is already represented in a specific country by a National Representative (NR), a non-profit organization can apply for an Associated Membership. The associated membership can be a temporary membership before your application for National Representative has been approved by the General Assembly of EOQ, in a European country where there is no NR.

If a profit or non-profit organization is willing to have a link to EOQ and is sharing its mission, strategy and targets, it may be accepted as an Affiliated Member.

National Representatives

Country Abbreviation Organization Contactperson

Associated Membership

Country Abbreviation Organization : English name Contactperson

Affiliated Membership

Country Abbreviation Organization : English name Contactperson

Honorary Members

Country Name Awarded in