Membership Categories

At the heart of our organization are the EOQ National Representative organizations (NR’s),who are leading non-profit organizations from a European country, of whom we accept only one member per country. Only NR’s have voting rights in the EOQ General Assembly.

If EOQ is already represented in a specific country by an NR, a non-profit organization can apply for an EOQ Associated Membership. The associated membership can be a temporary membership before your application for National Representative has been approved by the GA of EOQ, in a European country where there is no NR.

If a profit or non-profit organization is willing to have a link to EOQ and its mission, strategy and targets, it may be accepted as an EOQ Affiliated Member.

Overview membership specificities per category

PartnerIndividual Networking Partner MemberHonoray Member
Legal entity established in accordance with the laws and customs of the country of origin****  
Individual    **
Activities in the field of Quality*** **
Leading non-profit organization**    
Profit or Non-profit Organization  **  
European organization*  *  
European and beyond ** **
One Official representative to the EOQ General Assembly (GA) with voting rights*     
Invited as non-voting guest at the General Assembly **   
Only 1 organization per country*     
Formal involvement in (new) projects and exchange of experience*     
Potential candidate for the election of vice-president to the EOQ exectuive board*     
Contribution to the development and deployment of the EOQ vision, ambition and mission***   
Welcome to become an active member of the EOQ Competence Center (CC)**    
Free official digital Membership Certificate***   
Free official digital Anniversary Certificate*     
Free official digital Membership Statement    * 
Invited to the main EOQ events** *  
Informed about the main EOQ events***** 
Right to use logo indicating the type of membership***   
Direct links with EOQ  *   
Mandatory (additional) membership (if any) or advice (in the absence of membership) of the relevent national EOQ representative organisation    * 
Free membership subject to a proposal by the President of an official EOQ NR member and subject to approval of the General Assembly    *
Mutual cooperation (through financial resources, expertise, participation in projects, etc.) to promote the general interest of quality in Europa   *  
Increase mutual effectiveness through partnership in order to have a greater positive impact toghether   *