Mr. Dag Kroslid, winner of the 2022/2023 EOQ European Quality Leader Award

The European Organization for Quality (EOQ) celebrated on June 8, 2023, the winner of the European Quality Leader Award 2022/2023.


The European Quality Leader (EQL) Award is granted annually by EOQ.
EOQ ‘Quality Leaders’ are individuals who have succeeded in guiding their organizations to success for the different stakeholders through their leadership and through the change and quality improvement processes, in the broadest sense, which they have implemented directly through their teams.


The award was being handed over by Mr Ulf Gustavsson, secretary general of EOQ and by Mr Torolf Paulshus, president of EOQ




The EQL Award winner for 2022/2023, Mr. Dag Kroslid from Norway, is the CEO of NorDan Gruppen AS, a company among Europe’s leadingmanufacturers of windows, doors and smart accessories.

Mr. Dag Kroslid was selected as the winner of the 2022/2023 EQL award due to his significant achievements as quality focussed director, customer focussed team builder and award-winning team leader, investing in people, developing innovative solutions and delivering results.

Mr. Dag Kroslid has a solid academic background with M.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering and Management at Linköping University of Technology, Sweden, participation in the European Masters Program in Total Quality Management at the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany and a Ph.D. degree from Linköping University of Technology on Industrial Engineering and Management with international research on Quality Management across 12 leading nations. In 1999, Mr. Dag Kroslid started his industrial career and has developed an extensive experience, occupying managerial and top managerial positions in several companies as well as involvement in management consultant projects for international recognized companies.


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