Competence Certificate Holders

EOQ gives Certificate holders a free positive promotion with the EOQ register, containing the list of valid EOQ competence certificate holders. Your name with the obtained certificate can be found on our website for interested employers in Europe and worldwide.
For employers, this list is a guarantee of finding highly competent personnel.

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EOQ and Non-EOQ Approved Training Courses and Training Providers

This EOQ register contains data on relevant training courses and organizations providing training. All training courses and organizations are approved on the basis of the EOQ competence specifications (CoS) and the ISO 17024 accreditation requirements.

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European Quality Trade Mark Holders

Holders of the European Quality Trade Mark have proven that they supply products of a high and durable quality.
In the EOQ EQTM register your company/product will receive the well-deserved free positive advertising on a global level. Your company can be found on our website for interested customers in Europe and worldwide.

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