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20 January 2022

European Accreditation (EA) REPORT to IAF/ILAC and REGIONS – December 2021

The EA REPORT December 2021 has just been released.
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30 November 2021

Two members of France Qualité publish ‘Qualité’ at Eyrolles.

Laurence Kerléguer, Director of transforming projects at La Poste Group and Patrick Mongillon, Executive vice president of EOQ
News & Press
9 November 2021

ASQ, ASQExcellence and EOQ Collaboration

EOQ in Quality Magazine

Certifications & More


EOQ ensures the recognition of Personnel Certification Bodies and training providers/courses.

European Quality Trademark

The European Quality Trademark offers a gurarantee for products of high and durable quality.


EOQ is highly rated for its normative documents in the various fields of management systems.

Competence Certifications

EOQ Competence Certificates offer a guarantee for highly qualified professionals.


EOQ maintains and publishes a register of Competence Certificate Holders, Training – (providers) and European TM Holders.

About Us

Organisational structure

The EOQ General Assembly is the ultimate decision making body of the organization, composed of one representative from each National Representative organization and the members of the Executive Board.

Vision, Ambition & Mission

Vision: Europe’s leading promoter of Quality
Ambition: EOQ is the go-to organizatiuon regarding quality and a key contributor to make Quality top of mind in Europe
Mission: Promotion of Quality in its broadest sense.

EOQ Network

EOQ looks beyond European borders to explore quality in all its dimensions. Through global partnerships, we increase the effectiveness of any organization by pooling resources, influence and effort.


The EOQ (at that time called European Organization for Quality Control – EOQC) was established in 1956. More recently EOQ has widened its activities to include the countries of the southern and eastern Mediterranean region.