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European Quality: Building a Brighter, Better Tomorrow




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Members & Partners

Certifications & Recognitions

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Since its establishment in 1956 , the European Organization for Quality (in short ‘EOQ’), has been fully fulfilling the EOQ Mission : 'To improve European society by promoting Quality in its broadest sense'.


With the recognition in January 2017 by the European Accreditation (EA) for its Quality Management Personnel programme, EOQ can guarantee a European standard of certification.


The growing network of more than 110.000 qualified experts, recognized over time at European and global level with an EOQ Competence Certificate , is -with good reason- EOQ's flagship product.


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More Products & Services

EOQ is constantly working to expand its offering, of which the EQTM label , among other new product developments, has been a very successful addition. 

Besides the competence certificates where practical competence is certified alongside theoretical knowledge, EOQ reaches an even larger target group with the EKR Diploma and the EQR Statement. The European Knowledge Recognition (EKR) Diploma is awarded after successful completion of an exam where theoretical knowledge is tested. The European Qualification Recognition (EQR) Statement is obtained after attending an EOQ training course.

Normative Documents

EOQ offers a large number of EOQ competence specifications (CoS) and associated certification schemes (CS) that can be downloaded -for free
Competence Certificates can be obtained through Competence Certification Agents, some of which are equipped with an EOQ recognized training centre.

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EOQ appreciates the dedication and commitment of many highly qualified professionals who devote their time and energy to sharing their convictions and knowledge for the benefit of European society.
By granting various awards, EOQ aims to reward their excellence, innovation and exceptional performance in the field of quality.

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Service exclusive to members

EOQ offers its CC agents a free online platform to order and further track their certificates.
Internal documents are exclusive to members, consultable online at any time via a direct link on the members' page.

About EOQ

EOQ is an international non-profit organization FOR organizations BY organizations and is rightly proud of its extensive network of members and partners. They are the basis of EOQ's success..
Driven by a passionate Secretary General, we work on the future according to our Vision, Ambition and Mission, while respecting the achievements of the past.

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News & Events

EOQ offers numerous opportunities in terms of sharing best practices through -among other things- a variety of free online webinars, a blog with quality related articles and -exclusively for members- online knowledge sharing.

Networking is high on the agenda at EOQ. 
That is why EOQ, since its foundation in 1956, has organized an annual quality congress , a showroom for the EOQ and its global network. It provides quality organizations with a platform and a unique opportunity to learn and network. Each time, the congress takes place in the country of the organizing EOQ member (a National Representative).

Quality-related activities during the yearly European Quality Week, and the selection of a new yearly quality slogan are some examples of how EOQ members continuously contribute to EOQ's mission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions about our organization, you will undoubtedly find the answer under the FAQ chapter or you can always contact us via the 'Get in touch' button.

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